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Online Creative Writing Classes

Online Creative Writing Classes

Online Creative Writing Classes

Most of the great writers in the world passed the step of giving classes to the beginners, as the big experience they have will benefit the beginners in the same field and they will stable their fingerprints for the history, they will not be forgotten and their help will remain in the students mind until they became great writers too and they will return the honor back to them, the classes will remain but the writers will go away without being erased from the history and hearts, so this is a good way to be mentioned with respect all over the coming years.

So this is the time to help and give hands to those who really need your experience if you are a talented writer with long experience.

online creative writing classes How to help?

There are many ways to begin your teaching career; either you go to an institute that make courses for students or you can teach online through online creative writing classes, there are students that can’t go to classrooms for many reasons that differ from one to another but at the end they are taking their online course online, and they are waiting from you the miracle that will convert them to a big famous writer that will happen in few days!

Okay, now you –as a writer- have to do these points:

First sign up to the –whatever the writing online courses website- and contact them, send your CV or resume and if you are accepted go ahead.

Second, being an instructor does not mean that you are not in a need for learn, no you have to read and learn more and work on yourself too.

Third, make friendly connections between you and other instructors, and between you and students.

You can also write books online or blogs as well as recording videos and uploading them on the websites, uploading quizzes and making some competitions and tricky questions is helpful and interesting to students.

Online Creative Writing Classes

Classrooms and online classes: 

There are several differences between classroom classes and online classes, while you are teaching in a classroom, you are communicating with students with your eyes, ears, talking and body language, it is easy to explain what you are saying and making virtual moves or signs so it will seem on their faces if they understood or not, it is not quite easy to control them and the mess they may do but at least you can express your anger and see their response, but online classes you may depend on emailing or chatting behind the screens, so you cannot really deal with the expressions of your student, you may need to explain some information in another way and make your words more touching the point, grading your students would be harder as you depend on the written answers only.

But in the field of writing it’s pretty easy to grade your students because writing depends on words, making sentences and clear phrases, making meaning expressions and right grammar, so you do not face most of the problems that other freelance instructors face while teaching online.

Most of the great and famous instructors announced that they had problems in the beginning either in learning how to be a good writer or in teaching others how to be a good writer, as everything in the beginning is hard and needs time to manage and being adapted.

Teaching online doesn’t only depend on emailing and making assignments, but also you can upload the lessons in videos and getting the feedback of your students and their questions in comments under the video, there are many shapes of delivering the information to the students but the point is not the way you give the info, but the kind of info.

You have to present the information in a simple interesting way that the student couldn’t ever forget, giving them advice’s that will never dismiss and being kind friendly instructor that students love and respect.

online creative writing classes

The great online writing instructor especially in online creative writing classes will always have a plan, systematical way and materials and have schedule, scheduling will help you and the students organize time and when is the time to exercise and revise, you may not specify a time like the traditional classes work, but you will organize the classes sin the way that suits and encourages students to study well with passion and positive energy.

The lack of information or experience is considered a weak point in your work, try to work on yourself and read more in your field as you can receive a sudden question from a student in a point you didn’t read about before so you will be in a critical situation that you will not like at all.

Reading the experience of other old writers and reading their blogs, reading books in the field of writing or guess what, learning online will enrich your knowledge, yes you can watch to videos too and taking classes in the same field to get the new information and give it to the student.

The gap between generations is a week point too, as you need to read and learn more about the new techniques and methods of teaching the new generation, the new generations is not easy going at all and the young is totally different, to communicate well with them you need to learn more about what is going up with them nowadays especially technological channels like social media don’t hesitate to make accounts on Facebook, tweeter and YouTube to get in touch with them in the way they understand and deal with the daily updates in their life.

If you think now about being an instructor and give online writing classes keep in mind that you will create a great minds in the future that will speak to our minds also and build up a great society that we all will be proud of, this is one of the great tasks that any human should respect.