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How To Make Money Writing

How to make Money Writing

Make Money Writing

 There are a lot of ways to make money through working, you can work for a company, you can practice a craft, or make money by working as a freelancer besides your basic work, or your basic work is freelancing like design, or make money writing for instance.

Each and every type of work needs passion, learn, practice and interest. It may also afford you to take courses and know more about your career, as much as you do some efforts as much as it is worth it.

Being a writer is something that is not easy, it requires a talent, creativity, intelligence and some patience. You can search for websites that offers money to write blogs on their websites, or you may write a novel and go to publisher or publishing house and they adopt your novel so you will make money, or write for a newspaper and this will for sure be paid for you, you may work as a typist but this is the cheapest way to get paid through writing.

Blogs on Freelance Websites:

If  you explore a  website of freelance writing jobs you will be amazed by the crowd of people which offers their skills in writing and you will find a large amount of blogs, so you have to make an abnormal profile which attracts clients, and forces them to choose you from all the freelance writers on the website, the matter is not easy, as you may not have experience to post on your profile so you will depend on the skills that you have to mention in a different way, the talent here will play the role and if you are lucky you will rapidly get a client and create a base of clients for you which will come back every time they need a freelance writer to write an article or a blog for them, or even create a content for anything, you may write a content for an advertising website or advertising agency,  you may write a content or an article for a column in a newspaper, but the problem is you may not get paid much even if you meet the client’s criteria except if you are a native language speaker.

Make Money Writing

Make money writing:

To be a professional writer that gets money for his writing you have to follow some advice’s like:

  • Make your own blog first, you will learn and benefit a lot from showing your works to the audience and the correct the faults each time you write in the blog.
  • If you are going to write a novel, make money by uploading it on a website, share and tell every friend you have that you published a book so they can buy it online, and write about it on your social media accounts and on your blog as well.
  • Be a copy writer, being a copy writer is a very important step, sign up to a websites that offers this service and enjoy them.
  • Some websites need a content writer to write about places like restaurants, parks and hospitals as well, other places need a writer to create a review about the place, choose well what you do and pick up the respectable places.
  • Be bilingual, knowing more than a language will help you earn more money because writing in other languages which are not your mother tongue costs more payment.
  • build good relations with freelance writers, this will help you a lot especially If you connect with them by social media accounts like Facebook , twitter and other websites, if a question came up suddenly you will probably find a quick answer and you will enjoy learning from their previous experiences.
  • If you already achieved tasks, insert them into your portfolio and write about them, you can also screenshot the clients satisfied review and insert it into the profile, this will help the new client trust you and take the step of contacting you.

Make Money Writing

  • Make a special design for your portfolio and this is a mirror of your personality, so be aware of each and every word you write in the profile because the few words in the profile show the way that you will use to write the thousands of words later.
  • Expect the suitable amount of money that you will get paid for the task, do not expect a higher or a lower cost, higher cost will make the client not satisfied and he will search for another writer, and lower cost will lower from your abilities and valued words.
  • You have to meet the deadlines and end tasks in time in order to make the client happy and satisfied that he will think of you in each task later and will come back soon, or at less he will make a good review about you to the other clients, now you guarantee clients loyalty and win his trust and satisfaction.
  • Be smart, and do not make faults twice, learn from your mistakes and pick the idea and the client’s point of view so quickly.
  • Be honest, don’t copy from another articles and blogs and belong the copy write to you, this is not professional and if the client discovers that, you will lose your high score and lose the client’s trust and loyalty.
  • Be professional and polite, this will market your work more than anything else.
  • Market your work, try to share about it using social media or even pay for a marketer to market your work, the money you will pay in marketing your work will come back to you double in the shape of many tasks.
  • Find websites that post freelance writing jobs and you will find thousands of opportunities that you can make money being home with your comforting pajamas and all you need is a talent, some time, and your laptop, this is so much easier than being an employee in an office which spends about 8 hours daily setting on a chair, doing few tasks for an aggressive manager that isn’t satisfied all the time!

In the end, this is your future, make a decision and start your writing career.