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How To Improve Writing Skills?

How To Improve Writing Skills?

Improve Writing Skills

Do you know how to improve writing skills? Or you are just feeling that it’s enough to express what you feel without writing well, I can say what I want without a critical need to write this, right? Do you think this way?

OK, what will you do if you suddenly find yourself under circumstances that you have to write something such as a letter for your manager in work, and you will be in a real critical situation then.

What will you do if you get a high point in your career that the add new tasks to your job description which includes writing! This will be really difficult because you don’t even know the writing skills and didn’t practice ever.

Show me how to improve writing skills?

How To Improve Writing Skills

To improve your writing skills you have to follow these advice’s and you will be a great writer, which connects his thoughts in a complete persuasive sentence, and can string sentences and finish a paragraph so easily!

  • •You need first to know the little things that complete writing process , I mean you need to improve your grammar, your words , your expressions, rearrange your thoughts loudly, then try to connect these elements together and make a paragraph , just like the chef, which treats every element in the recipe alone then collects them together and make a happy meal .
  • •You need also to know that it’s pretty easy, it’s not that hard to write, don’t make yourself upset by thinking so!
  • •Don’t write straight and direct information in your article, you may need to be more conversational and ask some questions to make the reader interact with you
  • •Like the chef chooses the flavored ingredients, try to make your article include tasty words
  • •Go away from aggressive words and expressions to make friendly zone with your reader and the reader could trust you.
  • •Be Aware that there is no escape from the fact that, the reader judges you and your opinions and thought so try to be polite as much as you can .
  • •Transitions from sentence to another or from a paragraph to another must be smooth and fluid so the reader keeps attracted and still wants to complete your paragraph then completes the whole article.
  • •As much as your sentences have rhythm which is dynamic and friendly to ears, you can gain the readers interest till the end of the article.
  • •Create a charming flow in your content if you are telling a story.
  • •Make your reader abstract the idea of your article by giving interesting and entertaining hints first
  • •Practice well, practice more and more until practice becomes a joy, practicing will make you a great writer and the reader will search for your articles after that.


When I begin to write, I shall:

  • •Switch of my phone, get ready with my pens and papers, turn the light on with a suitable degree to comfort my eyes, relaxing atmosphere will absolutely help a lot.
  • •Give yourself a deadline time such as “25 minutes to finish my task” and see if you will finish the task on time.
  • •In your calendar, select a specific time every day to practice writing.
  • •Search the internet for articles which talk about how to improve writing skills.
  • •Publish at least one content every day, even on your Facebook Account.
  • •Make a draft if you need, to write what you want first in the draft and avoid mistakes.
  • By time, try to write in different types of content, like business content, entertainment, religious content.
  • •Try to make your article nourishing with information and beneficial sentences, but take care don’t bore your reader, too much is too bad.
  • •To write well, you need to read very well, how have to be a reader before being a writer.
  • •If you are going to give advice’s, try to make them practical by making life examples.
  • •Make your content life by telling details, details make the content breathing and make it interesting.
  • •It’s not bad to insert experts quotes and some authority

Improve Writing Skills

  • •Read big novels and children’s books as well, this will make you cover all types of stories.
  • •Make sure you really know the write words nag grammar of the language you will write with
  • •Write as it’s your job, if you are working on a task in your job you will definitely be a hard worker and practice well and concentrate in the task this is the same, if you are writing a content you have to learn, practice and concentrate .
  • •Take your family or friends opinion, it is better for you to know if you are making the write step by being a content writer or no and whether you are on the write way or no, they will be honest and man can’t judge his work perfectly but people can especially if they are his family
  • •You can go to workshops or go to writers and feel free asking them about your questions and know more about the career of writing, listen to their advice’s and experiences is so useful for you especially in the beginning.
  • •Begin writing in the field you admire more, because this will give you a positive energy and write with passion, so you will find yourself write with a power and don’t get bored or exhausted .
  • •If you are working in the field of marketing you must know all the features and details about the product you are writing content about, in order to be a good marketer, and please pay attention to your words they must be attractive and interesting.