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Freelance writing jobs

Nowadays you definitely must be hearing about “Freelance writing jobs” as this term will take us to a totally different kind of job that has become to our societies like an explosion!

freelance writing jobs

You are not supposed any more to stand your hard, irritable manager or a very far workplace that you can go to work in hours!

You are kind of “self-employed” and you are not committed to a specific desk in a company, it is not a long term job, it might be temporary but you are your employer!

The matter becomes easier, you can learn something in your career, take courses, and then go ahead with your own business circumstances, you can work from home if you want.

You can work as a writer, marketer, graphic designer, computer programmer, acting, video editor, translator.

You also specify the manner of getting your salary or cash, Money is being transferred through different ways and really easy to get.

Freelancing in writing field:

In the field of freelance writing jobs, you can be a content writer or a book writer or even marketing writer

It’s a copy write, you can write on your own initiative and then search for a publisher which helps you publish your words.

Or you can be a content writer for social media per instance, you can write creative content for a Facebook page which sells or markets some product, you can moderate the page and post contents on it, you can also write articles and all these are paid for sure, so you are drinking your favorite drink, listening to your favorite song and working! This is pretty comforting right?

freelance writing jobs

How can I begin?

Well, if I already have a talent in some field and I want to start my freelance career, from where should I start?

We have the answer, we will suggest three websites for you which can push you and you can immediately start your freelance work through them.

1-Elance www.elance.com

The very first moment to go to the site you’ll see the sentence, I want to hire, or I want to find work.

Here we go, if you are an applicant who wants to apply for a job you will register and log in as a worker or seeker for work

If you are an employer and want to hire someone you will register and log into I want to hire.

What is the difference? it’s in the way you will go with in the site, if you are a seeker you will search for the job by its title or by its type, and you will send your CV or call the phone number if they left a phone number and then ask for job details, if everything is going ok you will start working with deadlines or without and this is so easy, and if you are looking for a person with a specific qualifications for a particular job, you will search in profiles of C.VS and you will find your applicant, then you can call him or her for a phone interview if everything is going ok you will agree to a specific way for payment, and that is it!

You will find jobs in different kinds and if you are a writer or want to search freelance writing jobs you will find a lot of chances so go ahead.


2- Freelance writers denfreelancewritersden.com

 The second web site is freelance writers den, this website is specified in the freelance writing field, as most of the users are writers or bloggers and content creators.

You will for sure benefit from the other experiences of writers and you will find answers to your questions, it’s easy going and beneficial.

Also you can hire a writer, especially if you are a publisher or works for a publishing house or a magazine or even a newspaper.

3- Freelancerwww.freelancer.com

The third website is freelancer, freelancer is one of the first websites in the field of freelancing, you can start with a free trial and use the website in the same way, either wants to find work or want to hire someone to work, you can post a project, you can present your works in your profile and search for what you are seeking or looking for.

There is also a chatting box and you can make your own contact list, if you are an employer you can search in a variety of CVS for free in the free trial, of course searching will depend on the keywords you type, it is an advanced search you have to try it.

freelance writing jobs

Make a living!

These three websites are as a wide great land full of opportunities and chances to make a living, could you imagine that as much as you have time you will earn money! All you need is time, for sure if you basically have the talent and strengthen it with studying and searching the internet in your field, you can improve your writing skills by learning more and finding online writing courses, you should study the basics even if you are good in words, dictionary and grammar, you should study and revise again and again, maybe you will face some troubles or difficulty in the beginning but after that it will be a piece of cake and you will earn a lot of money in a comfort relaxing way, away from ugly work place or hard working circumstances or aggressive manager who always offences you and never be satisfied whatever the amount of efforts you do.

So, start from now, search, learn, study, and start your own career, try to guarantee the way of payment in order not to be in troubles with a person who is not honest and doesn’t pay you!