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Free novel writing software

free novel writing software Novel writing software concept

Writing is a Hobby, I do not mean normal writing that is similar to writing messages to your friends or letters to your family or even writing emails for your work! I mean writing with the artistic meaning of it, writing poem, writing novels and writing articles now free novel writing software.

The procedure of writing demands specific qualifications. The easiest way to recognize these qualifications is reading a lot. Because when you read novels you will absolutely know the way novels are written in, and reading articles will obviously show you how the articles are written, and reading poem will inspire you with poem too and put you in a special mood that will help you write something as wonderful as what you have just read. This has been happening centuries and centuries ago, but guess what! Technology didn’t miss each and every detail in our life even writing!

Instead of turning the light down and play an inspiring music and imagine what you are going to write then writing it down, you can now let one of the Free novel writing software help you!

Yes you will get the help from a machine that does not feel, does not learn how to read and write and even does not imagine, to help you write a novel. This is weird but this is technology.

Though you were writing without these programs and you did not even feel that you need them at once but when you really treat with them or use them you will ask yourself how was I writing without this software!

But keep in mind that human is thinking and computer not, so do not expect creativity from a machine for sure, as the computer will not write for you, it is just helping you be organized and writing well-structured article or novel and edit your draft or manuscript until you submit it finally.

The writing organizational software know that you have the idea and notes about each character, you know the theme and scenario overall, but each disparate element of your novel needs to be connected with other elements and to be organized in the shape of creative novel. That is the point of one kind of novel writing software.

You can ask yourself what’s the distinction among this software and the regular word processing software like “Microsoft Word” for instance?

The answer is the novel writing software is designed especially for creative writing as the features of other regular software are not going to help in writing fiction.

Will it help you to use charts or tables while you are writing a novel! Of course not. You do not use fonts or colors as well you will not give interest to spelling checker or word counter.

But novel writing software helps you adding namely and easy access to your characters on the same screen and checking notes settings.

And here we recommend some specific novel writing software to you (paid):

  • Story Blue: Besides helping you keeping track of your advancement and progress, this helps novelists not breaking the bank and also provides with word count targets.
  • Power Writer: though this is one of the most complicated organizational software, it has good reviews!
  • Writer’s Blocks: there is a panning method in fiction called index card, if you are interested in it you will definitely be interested in this software and it is preferred to be used via laptop.

Free novel writing software

The above software are called novel writers word processors but there is another type of software which assist you with creating your novel characters and writing the plot as well as developing themes this is more advanced for sure.

And this type of software helps those who have problems with novel writing technical theory.

Of course you could think like what I am thinking, will this come up with fake novelists and story writers that do not even have the hobby of writing? Won’t it abuse real writers that have long years ago of writing by their own without a little need to a computer and their names are like stars in the history!

I think this will never happen, because this software won’t help you unless you have the intelligence and hobby with creativity and good imagination, this software is like other technological facilities this century they help you pass the journey of writing easily and not having troubles.

And as per software that help in story development we recommend:

  • Story Weaver: this is one of the brilliant software that helps you develop your story plot and develop theme, characters and story setting.
  • Dramatica Pro: this is a genius one but this will afford you so much time writing your story if you do not mind writing it in a period up to six months for instance.

There are two types of writers, one that have every element in the story organized but grammatical suit is not his perfect suit so he can get help from self-editing software, and other writer that is perfect in grammar so that he can save his money and go ahead without any software help.

Free Novel Writing Software:

All the above software are paid with prices and may be they offer free trial for a short period of time, but there are other software which are free novel writing software, you wouldn’t run to them because they are free, but because you will like them and if you need them why not!?

Story Book and YWriter 5 are writers word processors not for developing story and as we said before, you can absolutely write with them but when you use them you will feel like kind of addicted to them without knowing why. We all hope that this kind of software don not lack our independence thinking and imagination and if you find your self be affected badly you can instantly stop using them but if you loved them enjoy and let us read your novels.