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Creative Writing Schools

Creative Writing Schools Preamble


Creative Writing Schools

You must have heard about creative writing schools if you decided once to be a copy writer or a content creator, you have to learn how to write wisely and with a creative, attractive way to attract the reader to your article or content about some product, it’s not easy to write if you didn’t learn about these techniques

Especially if you are working in marketing field, Ana you want to create advertising content, for sure you must choose your short, effective and different words that will attract the customer and your magical words are the only weapon with you.

How do I begin?

We decided to help you find some websites that include creative writing schools that show you how to write a creative content; the first website is “writer’s story”.

•writers store

 this website offers online courses in creative writing or how to be a creative writer , it also presents software that can help you , like “creative writing and journaling , film making and Movie production ,  grammar, screen writing , script writing and Manuscript , story development and outlining” .

It also gives you the Opportunity to read precious books in this field online or download them , it also offer gifts for film makers and writers , and doesn’t ignore the fun as they present some apparel and funny things to cut off the routine and the serious sessions , there are audio books , workshops and videos on the website , if you didn’t get the online session or you can listen to the recorded ones , but the life seminars are more exciting and interesting , there are also free seminars , the experts on the website help you by Expert series and interviews so you can determine at which level you’re standing .

Creative Writing Schools

You can log into the classes from any computer with internet access and this is all over the days, day or night.

Can you imagine that you are attending a life lecture while you’re at home drinking your coffee and even lying in your bed? This is not only comfortable but also amazing way to learn in a clear straight way, you can ask for any question and take exercise, solve them and get instant feedback from the instructor!

Do you know how many years do they work for you? The answer is thirty years working with the most brilliant people and experts from all over the world so the experience they have makes you trust and go ahead with them.

Writer’s Digest Shop”

The other creative website that produces effective ways in creative writing schools is “Writer’s Digest Shop”, this website is also amazing one which help you write well with presenting all the services you need to be qualified enough, they offer writing books to aspire you, getting inspired is one of the smart techniques that push you to write in creative way and magic, different words and sentences.

The type of writings are “novel writing” , “young adult writing” , “Scientific writing” ,” Fantasy writing” , “Horror Writing” , “Mystery Writing” , “Romance Writing” , “Picture books” , “Short Stories” , “Annotated Classics” , “Nonfiction Books” , “Freelance & Magazine Article”, “Memoir/Life Story Writing” , “Christian/Inspirational”, “Poetry” , “Songwriting” , “Screenwriting & Script Writing” .

Everyone has interest in some kind of writing and reading as well so you tend to learn the type that you prefer for sure.

 In this website they don’t ignore how to make a dialogue and create structure, how to write your point of view with an elegant way.

. Their prices are affordable and they offer very important programs.

Lisa Manyon

The third website which doesn’t differ in high quality is “Lisa Manyon”, Lisa Manyon is the President of Write On ~ Creative Writing Services, LLC, who has spent over twenty years in the marketing trenches of advertising agencies, radio stations, nonprofit organizations and entrepreneurship to gain the experience that helps you now put your foot on the first step in writing track, it wasn’t easy but it deserved and she gains the results now

In addition to the same services that the other two websites offer , this website offers a new service which help you if you need a copy writing , or you have a copy writing that you need some one expert to help you in , or you want to write it yourself and you want some correction or advices.

Also the website cares about Marketing strategy and how to create Marketing messages with integrity, 24\7 web sales secrets course, power planning process and PR quick start guide.

There is also a blog that Lisa writes priceless tips for you to be whether a successful copy writer or a successful marketer.

Creative Writing Schools

Creative writing schools final

After All you can check all these websites and find your own target , if you really want to be a creative and different copy writer or a content creator you have to learn more and more and you have to practice even if you won’t publish what you are writing , choose a way that will be yours don’t try to use someone else’s way because it’s your personality in writing that you will build in readers minds , don’t hesitate to ask your friends first about their opinion regarding what you think and what you wrote , you may fall in some mistakes , never mind every career has some cruel in the beginning , make sure that language  basic structure is right and you can write without grammar faults you can also use dictionary if you want and these online courses will really help you and the instructors will put your foot on the right route

You will gain the experience step by step, mistake by mistake and all you need is time, studying and exercising